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The Bare Naked Ladies (the band, not to be confused with a random San Francisco day in Dolores Park) sings a whimsical song about “If I had a million dollars.” If I had $1M, Kickstarter is where I’d spend my dough (and Kiva - but that’s another post coming soon.)

Kickstarter’s been getting a lot of headlines lately (great PR, whomever you are!) Kickstarter - if you ever read this (chance is slim to none but worth saying) - I want to work for you/with you!

But I digress. Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. Amazing people that want to do amazing things, and need money to do them (hello, reality) create fundraising campaigns. Much like PBS telethons, Kickstarter allows each campaign to determine pledge amounts and the rewards you’ll get for how much you back the project. The more money, the better the reward.

It’s a brilliant premise, done on a user-friendly platform, with a huge and avid following.  As a person that loves art and creative thinking, plus I’m a bit of a tech/web geek, this site is beyond “teh awesome”. And if I had more money, I would be sponsoring so many projects. 

With that in mind, even though it’s not a direct fit with PR, I am going to share awesome Kickstarter campaigns that I wish I could fund. (And I’m seriously going to find a way to create a “this makes me happy” budget to use for this stuff.)

First up is Occuprint, which is an amazing part of Occupy Wall Street that takes the protest art and shares it with the world. My dream would be the $860 archive, BUT if there are 4 friends that want to go in with me on the $300 deal, we get a lot of cool stuff for $60 each.