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Changing Education Paradigms - an RSA Animate video of a Sir Ken Robinson lecture.

One of my clients, KlabLab, is part of the education revolution. Sir Ken Robinson is an inspiration - and this RSA Animate video is amazing. I love the idea of taking a talk and giving it an animation; it’s also fantastic art. So if you’re going to do a video, do it RIGHT. Right, btw, is different for various audiences. KlabLab has a video blog and it’s not super polished professional - in fact, the rawness is part of the appeal. But they still add music, have a cool tone to the content, and spend time editing it for the message.

Just like the name indicates, evergreen blog content stays useful season to season, year to year with little or no need for upkeep. It can be referenced long after it was originally published, and even then, it’s still valuable to the reader. If you’re wondering what makes blog content ‘evergreen,’ it typically encompasses the following three characteristics:

  • Timeless: As mentioned, content that is evergreen stands the test of time. With the exception of sometimes needing a few tweaks here and there, evergreen content won’t change much and is practically everlasting.
  • Valuable and High Quality: In order to reap the true benefits of being evergreen (which we’ll cover in the next section of this post), blog content must be valuable and high quality enough to get noticed. If a piece of blog content that you intended to be evergreen isn’t valuable to your readers and doesn’t attract substantial views when it’s first published, it will never become evergreen.
  • Canonical: Evergreen content is usually the canonical, or definitive, piece of content your business has on that given topic. It’s in-depth, detailed, and it likely took you a lot longer to create than some of your other, non-evergreen blog content.